Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stormy Weather....

It's been far to wet to be outside with the camera, though there are a lot of things happening in my own bit of earth. Yesterday was the strangest and most stormy day we've had in a really long time. Monday started off with heavy rain and gusty winds, but before noon, it looked as if the skies were going to clear and Jonathan made another attempt to get Sophie outside. I heard him calling me and went to see what he needed, and discovered that my garden umbrella was thrown into the garden and my swing was upside down! I could hardly believe that the wind was that strong, however no plants were damaged for which I'm really thankful. Actually, nothing in the yard seems any the worse for wear after the storms. Through the afternoon though, the weather reapeated the same pattern of clouding up, pouring rain, and then clearing off. Oh, I can't forget the thunder! Sophie doesn't like thunder on a good day, so I am thankfull that we don't get much, but yesterday! Oh, My! The claps of thunder were so loud and so sudden I was ready to jump out of my skin, added to the fact that a few minutes before the sky looked like it would clear off.

I've been emailing my brother and the reenacting bug has bitten once again. I think this year there is actually a possibility of getting to a couple of events. There are two that are being held this side of Bellingham, Washington so it's a pretty short drive and no overnight stays. Thinking about my wardrobe though, I need to put some time in on the sewing machine. I have fabric,
period correct this time, to make a new day dress. It has been sitting on my shelf for atleast a year and it's time to cut into it. Just waiting for the pattern to arrive. I need to shorten a petticoat for my smaller hoops and finish my new chemise as well. Plenty to keep me busy during these stormy days. Oh, can't forget the quilting and knitting as well.

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