Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Just One of Those Days

     Dear friends I have declared today to be just one of those days where I throw out the to do list and instead stay in my pjs and just be!  The laundry is caught up - well, as caught up as it will ever be when you're using cloth diapers.  (I really should run atleast a load of diapers.)  *grin*  The kitchen is clean, and my living room I can't worry about because all of the church stuff that was in the van is now all over my living room meaning I can't dust anything or even run the vacuum.  (This is quite freeing.  I've decided to quit being frustrated by the lack of walking/sitting space and instead be thankful that I can't worry about the chores in here. *smile*)  The snow is falling fast and furiously outside which is making me feel like knitting - something that has been sadly lacking with a new baby (hence the lack of posts since the summer).  Said baby is playing happily on the floor by my feet and my knitting is beside me.  I really must knit quickly as the sweaters that I knit before he came are all sadly becoming too small.  Here are a couple of pics to make you smile!


Friday, June 22, 2012

If I Don't Return....

Today I have set myself the task of entering my sewing room to start some sewing I have been asked to do.  However, I haven't been in there in a couple of months since the early span of maternity sewing I did.  After a brief foray to the brink yesterday, I think I have very good reason to be afraid.  I know for a fact that fabric has been multiplying, a loom and and accessories have evolved from the dust bunnies, and I'm pretty sure that the pattern books and binders had a raucous party too.  I'll go armed with trash bags, dust cloths, and a pith helmet, but if I don't return be sure I'm being held hostage, likely tied up with yarn and gagged with flannel.  I'll refrain from sharing any reconnaisance photos in order to protect the not so innocent.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Yarn Snobbery

I hate to admit this, but I have become what some people would consider a "yarn snob".  I really dislike working with all that acrylic stuff that seems to pervade most craft stores.  Not only do I dislike working with it, but I wouldn't wrap my new precious bundle in something made with it.  Now maybe my brain just works differently, maybe it's the time spent with living historians around open flames, but do you know what that stuff does when a spark hits it?  I've seen it, and it isn't pretty, and I would never run the risk of having it around my baby.  For my baby, and if you choose differently I hold nothing against you, it's all natural fibers and preferably wool. But this leaves me with a bit of a problem!  You see, I was given a bag of "wool" (used the way it's used where I live to denote any fiber to knit or crochet with) by a very sweet older lady to "make a blanket for the baby".  There isn't any actual wool in it.  I accepted it several months ago and put it away hoping she would forget about it and that I could get rid of it at some point.  However, I was asked last night if I had made a blanket yet for the baby with the "wool"- she even remembered the colors.  I was able to say truthfully that I haven't made any blankets yet, that my pile of knitting is huge!  Now what do I do?  I can crochet (the quickest method) a blanket just to show her and use it once to please her (this is what I'm leaning towards), or I can continue to ignore it and hope to be able to come up with future excuses.

In the meantime, here are a couple of new photos of baby things just to make you smile.

                                     Boys Booties from Natural Knits for Moms and Babies

Puerperium Cardigan

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Time for Little Things

                          This is the Harvey Kimono from Natural Knits for Babies and Moms

I have been away for a while, but been very busy.  The baby knitting is in full swing, it helped that I can't seem to follow a detailed pattern right now.  Baby things tend to be quite simple and quick, and oh so cute!  Now I can't resist trolling through Ravelry looking at all the cute sweaters, hats, booties, etc.  It seems like I'm daily coming up with one or two new patterns that absolutely must be knit in the next three months.  They won't all get done so I'm trying to sort them by styles and sizes that really could be knit over the winter, or into next year for next winter.  I currently have three blankets that I would love to knit, in the next three months of course, one of which I still need to spin the yarn for.  Then there are multiple pairs of hand knit baby socks, what else do you do with the left over little bits from your own socks?  I have done two pairs of booties with leftover yarn from various projects - he's helping me destash a bit. - and I have several other pairs that I'd like to do.  The pile of handknit love is steadily growing, here are a couple of pictures, more to come as I get them taken.

                                            Pumpkin Hat from Wacky Little Baby Knits

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Little Boy Blue

   Please excuse the long break I have taken.  Shortly after my last post, my husband and I went out of town to visit relatives for Christmas and my life really changed during that trip.  It was a wonderful trip and we had a great time visiting all our relatives and getting to see how the neices and nephews have grown.  The biggest event for me was Christmas day when I realized I was pregnant.  Now, given my history, I was very reserved about it and it was a few months before we even told our families.  I spent months trying to ignore it just in case I miscarried again.  I lost my entire crafting mojo and couldn't get myself going on anything.  Books and television were my constant companions, trying to get my mind off of what was going on.  At ten weeks we had our first ultrasound and it showed a great strong heartbeat.  I began to experience a bit of relief and a couple of weeks later we began letting people in on our little secret.
     I am now twenty weeks along and finding it hard to believe.  Last week we were able to have a second ultrasound to determine the gender, and I am happy to say we are expecting a little boy and he looks to be quite healthy.  With the ultrasound last week, my crafting mojo returned full force (I can plan so much now).  I've been able to pick up some yarn for baby things and pull out some of my patterns.  The nursery (guest room now) is taking shape in my mind, but will have to await transformation until our guests come and go this summer.
    My project list has been quite small of late, consisting mainly of maternity clothing.  I'll post some pictures later when I get batteries for my camera.  I am also working on a shawl for myself, with plans for a little summer sweater to go with one of my maternity dresses.  Of course, there are also all the little hats, sweaters, booties, vests, blankets etc that are calling to me.  There is something so sweet about being able to knit for a much longed for baby.
    I hope all of you are well and enjoying the things you love.