Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ladies Chemise and Laundry Markings

I finished my new chemise and finally got around to also adding the laundry markings.  This chemise was drafted from the directions on the Sewing Academy website (also available in the Dressmaker's Guide by Elizabeth Stuart Clark).   It's made out of bleached muslin and embroidered on the lower right hem.  This is by far the most comfortable of the three chemises I have - the others have fitting issues in the sleeves and around the neckline.  I find that these make the most wonderful nighties, and have plans to make atleast one more from Simplicity 2890.

Laundry Markings were used as a way to differentiate one woman's laundry from another when being washed.  This was an issue historically as undergarments were all white and the general styles varied very little from each other.  They were usually worked in tiny cross stitches in either red or black in an inconspicuous spot.  If a lady was part of a gentleman's household then her first initial was preceeded by his first initial and then followed by the first initial of the family name.  So my laundry marking is Jonathan Angela Oehlert.  Then would follow details of the fabric, such as Bleached Muslin, then perhaps the number of the garment (if you numbered your household linen), and finally the year as shown above.   It wasn't difficult to work and I quite the looks of my marked laundry.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Confederate Enlisted Frock Coat

Whew!  I'm not sure what is wrong with Blogger this morning, but it has taken me nearly an hour to upload these two photos.  Everything else on the computer seems to be just fine, the only problem is my connection with Blogger.  Go figure.

So, here is the Confederate Enlisted Frock Coat that I finished for my brother last month.  I am so pleased with how it came out, and more in how it fits.  Ben loves it, and has planned to do the topstitching and buttonholes himself.  It is made of a gray/tan jean wool with navy wool collar and cuffs.  Lined with cotton and wool breast pads (shown in the bottom photo).  Now that I have successfully finished Ben's I may be a little more inclined to tackle a Civilian Frock for hubby.  However, I must complete pants, shirt, vest, and drawers first.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer project pictures

I finally sent the baby gifts through the mail to my sister and her girls, so now it's safe to show you all the pictures of what I have been working on.

The first two are for Elaine, a cotton sun hat and cotton top.  I just love both of them and she's going to look absolutely darling!

These last little goodies are for new baby Tessa.  I hope she's able to wear them all and that Mommy enjoys them!  I certainly had fun knitting for two very special little girls.

More to come later of the summer projects that are now all finished.