Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Just One of Those Days

     Dear friends I have declared today to be just one of those days where I throw out the to do list and instead stay in my pjs and just be!  The laundry is caught up - well, as caught up as it will ever be when you're using cloth diapers.  (I really should run atleast a load of diapers.)  *grin*  The kitchen is clean, and my living room I can't worry about because all of the church stuff that was in the van is now all over my living room meaning I can't dust anything or even run the vacuum.  (This is quite freeing.  I've decided to quit being frustrated by the lack of walking/sitting space and instead be thankful that I can't worry about the chores in here. *smile*)  The snow is falling fast and furiously outside which is making me feel like knitting - something that has been sadly lacking with a new baby (hence the lack of posts since the summer).  Said baby is playing happily on the floor by my feet and my knitting is beside me.  I really must knit quickly as the sweaters that I knit before he came are all sadly becoming too small.  Here are a couple of pics to make you smile!