Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Time For Every Season....

It is that season and the reenactment bug has bitten again. (Courtesy of my esteemed brother Corporal Goat.) I have the fabric for a new dress and am just waiting for the pattern to arrive so that I can start. I am anticipating being able to attend atleast one event this year. There is a "battle" taking place in Ferndale, WA which is just across the line. Actually, it is closer than the town where we buy our groceries. I am thinking that perhaps a couple of new bonnets and a hair net might be in order, a lady always enjoys a new bonnet. A sheer dress is also being planned for, but will most likely take a while before I can actually finish it. Cpl Goat has asked for a new frock coat as well and that will be part of my summer sewing.
Best wishes to y'all and I'm off to a quilting bee.

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