Thursday, October 28, 2010

Still Alive and Busy

Whew, I feel like we've just been through a whirlwind. Somehow I figured that when fall came we would slow down a little. How disillusioned can one be? I think that everything is slowly coming back together again, just in time for winter weather. Our roof was just redone yesterday and boy am I glad that's over! I had wonderful plans for the things I would get accomplished this week with Jonathan away. HA!!! Sophie was so traumatized over the noise that she wouldn't leave me alone. I wanted to get the lining finished for my brother's frock coat, Sophie insisted on sitting on my feet. Kind of hard to use the treadle with a dog on your feet. Everything's quiet today and I've been able to spen a good amount of time in my sewing room. I'm lining up the projects for the winter. Winter weather is great for getting sewing projects started and finished. Here's to getting lots accomplished in the next few months. I'll post pictures of some projects as soon as I can get them posted.