Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Saturday was Worldwide Knit in Public Day, and the events continue through this week. I went out on Saturday afternoon to join a group of fellow knitters and spinners and do our thing. There were about 18 of us altogether, enjoying a beautiful BC afternoon. We found a spot in the shade, and attempted to share our craft with the public. Unfortunately there wasn't a whole lot of "public" around to share with, but we had fun anyway. I got to watch several spinners with there wheels up close. It is mesmerizing, and I want one! Spinning wheels and spinning have held an alure for me for quite a while now. Maybe it was watching Sleeping Beauty too much as a child, I don't know. It is definitely an art I would like to pursue. I was quite relieved to discover that the wheels are much smaller and more portable than those from days gone by - this means there would be room in my living room for a wheel! This just means twice as much as there is in knitting. First you get to pick your fiber, then you spin it, then you knit with it, and then you get to wear or use whatever it is you make. Hence the few dollars spent on fiber go a lot farther than those spent on spun yarn. Did I mention that is much cheaper to buy fiber (roving) than it is to buy prespun yarn? This is definitely a hobby worth pursuing.