Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday, April 28

No pictures today as I can't seem to get my act together to get them posted. The garage sale that's planned for Friday and Saturday is growing to massive proportions. Where did we get all this stuff? More importantly why did we buy/keep all this stuff, let alone move it to Canada. Jonathan and I worked most of the evening on getting stuff organized and priced, and there's still more to do today (this will be the third day of organizing etc.). I have a couple of piles in the basement that need to be brought up and then we need to tackle the clothing. I can't decide if I am glad that I won't be here this weekend for the sale. I am attending a ladies retreat hosted by Urban Community Baptist Church on Friday and Saturday. Our sale had been planned for last weekend, however the weather put the kabosh on those plans. Jonathan and Larry decided they could handle the sale this weekend instead. I feel bad that they will have to do all the work themselves when the garage sale was my idea in the first place, however, I'm sure that my stress level will be lower by not trying to organize it with two men. ( We can't load the car together, I don't think we could set up a garage sale together either.) I'm sure they'll be fine, and maybe when I come back everything will be gone.

I will get around to posting some pictures of my drop spindling here in a couple of weeks. I realized that I don't have any place to "drop" it as my living room is full of garage sale stuff. I thought about posting pictures of the living room, but I don't really want to remember the state that it's in right now. After the sale this weekend, I have some serious household matters to deal with before my Mother-in-law visits in a week. I am certainly feeling the crunch. This will be the first of three family visits all planned before the end of June. I am really starting to get excited, though I keep dreaming that I forgot to pick someone up at the airport.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Time For Every Season....

It is that season and the reenactment bug has bitten again. (Courtesy of my esteemed brother Corporal Goat.) I have the fabric for a new dress and am just waiting for the pattern to arrive so that I can start. I am anticipating being able to attend atleast one event this year. There is a "battle" taking place in Ferndale, WA which is just across the line. Actually, it is closer than the town where we buy our groceries. I am thinking that perhaps a couple of new bonnets and a hair net might be in order, a lady always enjoys a new bonnet. A sheer dress is also being planned for, but will most likely take a while before I can actually finish it. Cpl Goat has asked for a new frock coat as well and that will be part of my summer sewing.
Best wishes to y'all and I'm off to a quilting bee.