Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 To Do List

I have been contemplating the long list of items in my sewing room that are waiting to be started/finished. Somehow with the holidays not much has gotten done in there except new fabric acquisitions added to already overflowing piles. So, in the interest of clearing some space, I must! finish some of these projects. But first, let me show you my new toy.

This is my Brother Disney Embroidery Machine. It was given to me by a friend that I quilt with, who received it from her sister, who received it in error from her husband and then couldn't return it. So, along with other sewing/quilting projects this year, I will add embroidered projects for gifts. I am really starting to amass quite a few machines and gadgets to work with - so awesome that most of them were given to me. I have such wonderful friends.

So, here is the start of a list to tackle in 2011, though not necessarily in this order.

Culottes for Brianna

Frock Coat for Ben

Shirt for Barret

Birthday Present for Colton

Nightgown from Godeys

Kay Fig Wrapper

New Blue silk Bonnet

Aqua dress for summer

Forest Green Shirt

Wool Paletot

Finish last Petticoat

Purple Corduroy Jacket

"Follow the Drinking Gourd" Quilt

4 Patch CW quilt kit

30's quilt (in pieces)

I am sure that there are others that are waiting there for me, but those are the ones that are screaming the loudest. Perhaps I need to get down to my sewing room now and get started.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

19th Century Me

I don't have long to post this morning as we are on our way to church. However, I promised that I would get these up and I couldn't finish them last night. I was asked to do a fashion show for my quilting group on Thursday so I was able to wear my newly finished and trimmed dress, as well as my new petticoat and drawers. I will post pictures of those a little later when I have the buttons and buttonholes finished. The dress is complete with white collar and cuffs which were a necessity as those were what was taken off and washed. I was also able to find some silk ribbon to trim the sleeve jockeys and tie at my neck. The belt is black ribbon through a reproduction buckle, strictly a fashion statement and not functional. Many dresses were accessorized with belts during the time to emphasize a lady's waist. With a functional cotton dress such as mine they would have only been in black or brown. The other colors would have been used with a very fine cotton, such as a sheer, silks, or wools. I absolutely love this dress and even wore it to our church Christmas party in the evening - even cooking and serving in it. It is completely comfortable, corset and everything, and once I got used to the width of the hoop in the kitchen, I had no trouble at all.
My hair is done in the correct style as well. A Y part towards the back, sides twisted, and the back put up in a chignon at the neck. No, it isn't all my hair, the bun is made from a false switch, braided and then attached. This was only my second attempt at doing my hair this way so I'm quite please with how it turned out.