Thursday, March 18, 2010


Yes, we do get snow here in Vancouver, though not usually in March. I think we were getting too complacent at not having any this year. We will pay the price later though in lots of bugs. March's weather has been quite unsettled and very stormy with high winds "wuthering" around the eaves. (I just learned that word from reading The Secret Garden again. The wind wuthering on the moor is also how Wuthering Heights got its name.) This week is much more pleasant to be out of doors as the sun is shining and things are popping out of the ground everywhere I look. I do wish the wind would stop though. The re-planting of the garden is coming along and I think I've removed most of the plants from their temporary pots and placed them into the ground. I've also been able to divide several plants and bulbs, and I've found several new plants that have sprouted from seeds. It's great (sometimes) when plants spread themselves, though there are quite a few that I wish I'd never planted. I'm still pulling up Lamb's Ears seedlings everywhere and Foxgloves I will never be able to get rid of. Ok, maybe it's great that Columbine seeds itself, most of the others need to mind their manners and stay put!

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