Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To Post, or Not to Post

It's amazing the directions your day can take from the moment that you wake up. The sun was out this morning and it promised to be a gorgeous day. However, though I had many inside projects planned, only a few actually got done because I felt the need to be outside. My mother would say this is the result of being a "Sidetracked Home Executive" (See the book of this title.). Yes, Mom, I am fully capable of admitting to this fault and there is no hope for me.
So, after I fixed the computer - I amaze myself sometimes - and did a few other boring things such as laundry, I took Sophie on a walk with hubby. (By the way, Sophie has managed to almost completely chew through her leash. I guess we have to go to the "puppy store" on Friday.) Then we got talking about plans for the yard etc. which led into a trip to Home Depot. (I love that store.) I have been waiting for a stretch of warm, dry weather (ha, ha in Vancouver) to put in posts for a rose arbor. I decided that today was the day to put in one post.
Does anyone really realize how heavy a bag of cement is? Good grief, I needed three of them!!! I'm glad you don't have to pay by the pound. So, after digging a 2x2 hole, setting the post in, realizing the post was too tall, taking the post out, sawing off 2 1/2 ft, repositioning the post, and pouring the concrete into the hole, I had a very nice ..... post! Now, only two more to go - later, much later. Thanks to Hubby for all his help. (I'm secretly afraid to use the Saws All.) Now I can stand outside and admire my post.

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