Thursday, January 21, 2010

Three days in a row....

We have had three consecutive days of sunshine this week. I feel like I'm living somewhere else. Hey, I'll take the sunshine. We had a terrible windstorm Sunday night into Monday morning. The canopy on Jacquie's gazebo fell in and now needs to be fixed. A boogie board from the neighbor's house blew into the yard and landed in my rose garden almost crushing the newly emerging daffodils. Jonathan was kind enough to go retrieve the board and return it and there was no damage done to the daffodils.

Still trying to decide on what to do in garden 1a for an evergreen statement. I considered another viburnum, possibly another Daphne, but I have one of each already and I'd like something different. Maybe an evergreen grass or a bird's nest spruce? Can't decide - sounds like a trip to Gardenworks is in order to scope the possibilities.

Time to go get ready for Qhuackers.


  1. With a foot and a half of snow still on the ground it is hard to believe there are actually "things" growing there!! I am glad your daffodils survived the "boogie man".

  2. Okay...ooops....I meant...a foot of snow still on the ground here in Omaha.