Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Favorite Dress.....

I know some of you have a favorite dress or item of clothing that, it seems, you wear all the time.  It fits better than anything else, it feels fabulous, and it's one of those items that looks great on you too.  All in all, it fits the description of a perfect piece of clothing, and we wish that all our clothing was just like the said item.  Like you, I have said dress.  It was a gift from my mom several years ago and it's perfect.   I knew it when I tried it on that first day.  There was some discussion as it was rather expensive, but my dad ( aren't dads the best) said don't worry about it!  I left the store that day with one of the few few perfect garments in my life.  This dress has seen quite a few years of duty and I'm relatively sure that it is coming to the end of its natural life.  With some TLC I'm sure I can make it last a little longer, but what will I do when it's gone?

I can only say, Thank you MOM  (aren't moms the best).  She taught me to sew many years ago, so I had the solution to the problem.  I would make another dress just like the one I have.  After several days spent in my sewing room with pencils, pattern paper, pins, and yards of lining I had it almost completed.  Now it was time to actually cut out the fabric that was waiting.  (It had actually been waiting in my stash for several years for a dress that I decided I really didn't like.)  When I had finished with the last bit of hand finishing and I tried on the dress, it was magical.  I knew it right away, I had succeeded.  This was perfect, the color the lines, the fit, the feel, oooohhh!  I did a little dance and spin, this was just in time for Easter Sunday.  I even had the perfect sweater waiting, made just for this dress.

Now that I have a pattern, I see many happy years ahead, and I am starting to envision ways that the pattern can be altered for new garments.  Happy sewing!

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