Thursday, April 28, 2011

Missing in Action....

I appologize for seeming to drop of the screen, but I am still here.  We have had quite the past few months and I just haven't felt able to post about it yet.  Shortly after the last post, hubby and I found out that we were pregnant, however, things did not go well.  About a month ago now, after an early ultrasound, we learned that there was no heartbeat.  I have since been in the hospital for a D&C and spending some time recuperating.  This, along with some other stresses has really cut me off this spring.  I am feeling better now, though there are many days where the grief is still overwhelming. 

Miscarriage is a very misunderstood death as most times there is no outward proof.  However, you still grieve for that child just as you would for anyone else and time is the only way to heal the wound.  One of the things that has helped me the most through the past few months, is being able to talk about it to friends and family.  Being able to vocalize the fear and pain allows you to grieve more effectively.  If you know of anyone who has lost a child, or another loved one, be available for them to talk to.  Many times, it's what they want, but are too afraid that no one else cares how they are feeling.  Grief is a process and doesn't end quickly, but the love of friends and family is definitely one of the keys to healing.

I will post again in a day or two and share with you some of the things that have helped to pass the time, as well as a new hobby I have picked up.

All the best


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