Thursday, March 20, 2014

Life intervened...

                              Micaiah in his Gramps sweater (TinCan Knits) and Felted Flat Cap  

 Now that life has settled back into a somewhat normal rythm, if chasing an 18 month little boy could be normal, I hope to have a bit more time to be able to keep you all updated.  I've had some time recently to be able to actually do some sewing *gasp*.  I feel a little like a guiltly child stealing cookies when I can sneak into my sewing room for a couple of hours while Micaiah naps.  I quietly shut the door and close out the world and it's just me and wonderful piles of fabric, patterns, threads, ribbons, trims and a new serger!  Well, new to me anyway.  I was able to find a used Pfaff Coverlock machine that is an absolute dream to use, though a bit more complicated than I had expected - oh well, more excuse to practice right?
     I have a pile of projects that I am working on having completed by the end of the year so please stay tuned.  Three of them are quilts, two are Civil War, and the other is a scrapy flannel kit from my Mum.  One of the Civil War quilts is the Civil War Sampler by Barbara Brackman (yes, it was the QAL from a couple of years ago - a new baby sort of complicated things), and the other is a pattern from Bonnie Blue Quilts.  Then there are the four quilt tops that need to be sandwiched and quilted.  Then there is a list a mile long that I'd like to complete for the occasional CW Reinactment that I get to attend.  Plus just general sewing and crafts, not to mention all the knitting I have planned and the spinning I would like to do.
    Now, the best of all is that tomorrow I get to go to Fibres West, a local fibre show and sale.  I have been wanting to go for several years, but have never had the time or money.  This year I decided that I'm going!  A quilting/knitting friend of mine offered to drive and I couldn't turn that down, so Jonathan gets to keep Micaiah and I am going to try to refrain from breaking the bank on luscious yarn and spinning fibre.  I will admit I have had a bit of trouble sleeping this week in anticipation.  Hope to see you around!


  1. I love the picture of your little man, so cute! The Civil War Sampler is just gorgeous. You have to post your progress on those blocks!

  2. The blocks are finished now, just need to cut the sashing strips and get the fabric for the borders.