Friday, June 22, 2012

If I Don't Return....

Today I have set myself the task of entering my sewing room to start some sewing I have been asked to do.  However, I haven't been in there in a couple of months since the early span of maternity sewing I did.  After a brief foray to the brink yesterday, I think I have very good reason to be afraid.  I know for a fact that fabric has been multiplying, a loom and and accessories have evolved from the dust bunnies, and I'm pretty sure that the pattern books and binders had a raucous party too.  I'll go armed with trash bags, dust cloths, and a pith helmet, but if I don't return be sure I'm being held hostage, likely tied up with yarn and gagged with flannel.  I'll refrain from sharing any reconnaisance photos in order to protect the not so innocent.


  1. Hehe, made me giggle thinking about you;) Have fun!!

  2. Well, I thought I made a little progress. Now that I look back into the room though, it still looks as if a craft store blew up. The sewing is nearly finished though.