Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Confederate Enlisted Frock Coat - lining

Sorry to my faithful readers, I have not been doing a whole lot on the computer lately due to much sewing and other duties. I finally finished the birthday presents for my nephews on the embroider machine - a whole nother story, a pair of culottes for a little girl at church, and got my brother's Frock lining ready to mail to him for a fitting.

I am using the Galla Rock Confederate Enlisted Frock Coat pattern that he chose. He was going to attempt to make it himself, but ran into fitting issues with it so chickened out. He had actually just cut out the wrong size, so I am fixing it for him. So far so good, though I haven't really done much. I am having a bit of trouble fitting the sleeves into the armscyes. There are no notches or marks to line anything up with, so where exactly does the sleeve seam line up on the front of the coat? This leads into how much ease will there be in the upper sleeve and the lower sleeve? So far, I've just basted the sleeves in for him to try them on and there are quite a few puckers. I'm a little concerned about actually stitiching them in.

Thought I'd let you know, since I haven't been here for a few days, that yes I did the tatting on my drawers myself. What an adventure. I do plan on doing some more of it, possibly on a new upcoming chemise, but it took quite a bit of fiddling. I used sz 100 tatting thread and a very fine tatting needle and just a basic picot lace edging. I do hope to get a book of period tatting patterns very soon.

Best of the day to you all, and happy sewing.

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