Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Century's Worth...

I sat down at my treadle this afternoon to work a little on new petticoats. Somewhere along the line, my needle tension went really wonky. I absolutely love my treadle, mostly because of the beautiful crisp stitches that it produces, but this was terrible! All of the thread was pulling through to the back and then knotting up. Nothing I did with the tension knob (small knob on the front of the machine - second picture) seemed to help. Then I started fiddling. The first thing I did was to completely remove the tension knob - didn't know that it would come off, but it did. Behind the knob I found little bits of fluff. Now, if any of you are sewers you understand the importance of occasionally cleaning and oiling your machine. Since I had started working on the machine, instead of sewing, I figured I might as well give it a good cleaning and oiling since I never had. I removed the side plate (second photo) and couldn't believe the inside. The dust and grime was incredible. I don't think that this machine has ever been cleaned, there was literally that much lint. While working on the sewing machine, I also removed any chrome parts that I could and cleaned and shined them. The beautiful thing about a treadle machine is the ease in machine repair. I am not mechanically inclined so I was a little fearful of taking this apart, but everything went back together again and is now working correctly again.
I've rambled on long enough for this afternoon, stay tuned for more info on my treadle as well as my mostly finished drawers.

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