Saturday, August 28, 2010

Corny News

I love this time of the year in BC. Fresh, local produce is pouring in from all over the province, especially corn. We got 30 ears of corn this week to put up for the winter, 3/$1, and there's still more to come. I bought a new gadget from Pampered Chef a while back called a Corn Kerneler. It's a specialized gadget to take the kernels off the cobb. It is super easy to use and fun too. I'm just a little bit of a gadget freak in the kitchen.

We still hope to be able to pick up some fresh blueberries and possibly some peaches as well. I am planning a trip next weekend to the Apple Barn, then it's time for applesauce. I hope we'll be able to pull in some tomatoes from the garden before the weather starts getting too cold. They've only just started to turn so we'll see.
Oh, and I forgot about the Sockeye salmon last week. Jonathan got a "heads up" from a guy in our church that the First Nations wer going to have a fresh load available for sale. Jonathan went out there and picked up twelve fish for us and a few other people as well. We spent two hours cleaning and vacuum packing the fish and then freezing ours for use this fall and winter. The news is excellent for the Sockeye fisheries this year, a record three million fish are expected to return to spawn. Numbers this large haven't been see since 1912. After four years of a closed season on Sockey, the public fishing season will be open this year.

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