Saturday, February 13, 2010

Torch Relay, Coquitlam

What a day this was. We left home in the dark and the rain, both of us were half asleep. By the time we reached the Cameron Rec center to meet up with Pastor Turner and Anchor Baptist Church the rain had lessened somewhat. We were still dropped off at Mackin Park in the rain, though in a very good location for distributing New Testaments and for watching the torch. Shortly after we got settled into our location and had gone through a couple of boxes of New Testaments the rain stopped completely and it stayed relatively dry the rest of the morning.

I have no idea how many people were at the park and along the roadside Thursday morning, but we did hand out nearly 1500 New Testaments. The sidewalks were jammed and people were even wandering into the streets, and that was outside the park. There were several area schools represented, and lots of moms with young children. It was great to see such community support. Coca-Cola had a huge presence there as well because they are one of the prime sponsors, they handed out pennants and bottles of coke to the spectators along the torch route.

I think the relay did its job for every one, including me. The hype for the Olympics was definitely at a fever pitch in time for the opening ceremonies Friday evening. What a great two weeks this is going to be.

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