Saturday, February 13, 2010

Last Post Planted

Weeeelll, the last post for the arbor and my clothesline post both went in on Tuesday. What a relief to have both of them done and no more concrete to haul. By the time I was done on Tuesday evening my back was really sore. I had digged the hole too large for the last post and then didn't have enough concrete, so I left Jonathan supporting the post while I ran around the corner to the hardware store for another bag. It is still about 2 1/2 ft too tall, but Jonathan will saw of the top with the Sawzall for me sometime in the next couple of weeks. Atleast I can now get to transplanting my rosebushes before it gets too warm and they really start growing.
I can worry about the top, cross pieces later. I have to buy a new joiner thingy for my clothesline as the plastic one that had been holding the ends together has pretty much disintegrated due to exposure to the elements. When I get the ends joined then I can get it all hung.

My water feature is finished too and working marvelously. I think I fixed all the leaks (famous last words I'm sure) and have all the rocks where I want them. I'm waiting for Sophie to go crawling through it and dislodge the whole thing.

It was quite the ordeal getting it put together, and wasn't supposed to be that difficult. After I had it all set up and was doing a test run, I realised that the water flow I was getting just wasn't enough to make much noise. Unfortunately, I learned this Saturday afternoon about 4:30 pm and the landscape store closed at 4. I had to wait until Monday. Monday morning I exchanged my 150 GPH pump for a 260 GPH pump and asked the guy if I would need to change the water supply hose. His words were, "no, there are several adaptors in the box for that". Ha!!!! I got back home, took the water feature partially apart to reinstall the new pump and discovered that the hose did not fit any of the adaptors. Rather than go back to the landscape store, I visited the pet store around the corner for aquarium tubing. After some very slow customer service, I had my hose and returned home. Then I had to completely dismantle the entire water feature and the supply line runs beneath the stream. So, a couple of hours later and help from Jonathan's artistic eye it was finished. (Finding a way to plug it in is a whole nother story.)

I love it and it really adds quite a nice touch to the yard. What do you think?

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