Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Already...

I can't figure out where the time went, other than being sucked into the void that is life with a baby. Life is good and there isn't a dull moment, though at times I could wish for one. It seems we have finally worked through many of baby's sleep issues and we are all a lot happier - I get reliable sewing/knitting/quilting/spinning or just plain down time, and he gets the sleep he needs. So, what have I been working on in all that free time? Diaper covers. We decided before M was born that we definitely wanted to cloth diaper, and I am not regretting a moment of it. Hubby and I did the math last week and we have saved almost $1000 by not using formula, disposable diapers, and wipes. I love the fact that I don't have to keep running to the store for diapers etc., and they aren't going into a landfill to sit there for hundreds of years. Please understand that all of my family uses disposable diapers and that has been good for them, but we don't have the money or the interest. I only do an extra 2-3 loads of laundry a week which frankly isn't too much of a headache. All that just to say, I love my cloth diapers. We are using prefolds and covers and they are super easy - things have changed so much since I was little. So, here are a couple of pictures of the covers I have been making. This is one of the swim diapers that I have made for the Mom and Tot swim class that we'll start in a couple of weeks.

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