Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Parasol Frustration

Oh, the delays of the mail!  Why couldn't things just work out one day sooner?  I won this parasol on ebay last weekend for a whopping $20.  Yes, it looks sad, but the frame is intact so all I need is a bit of silk taffetta to make a new cover - easy enough.  However, the mail is against me getting my parasol.  The little elves that make the post office work have turned into parasol trolls and are probably all playing with it as it has made it's way from NJ.   It was processed through the Federal Way, WA sorting facility early this morning (I'm stalking the tracking system), but there is no way on earth that it can be delivered in Blaine today.  It's scheduled for delivery tomorrow!  Tomorrow doesn't work, we have to go across the border today!  Now I have to wait another whole week, while my new toy sits in a dark, cold, lonely office waiting for me.  (Sighs)


  1. Can't wait to see this refurbished! Sad that you have to wait a week before you can begin to play:(

  2. maybe santa is keeping the postees busy..lol Looking forward to seeing the finished parasol..talented lady :)

  3. I hope to be able to pick it up today, Alice and Preeti. If it's there, I'll have a chance to work on it a little before we go out of town. (I'll bring it to knit night next week). If it's not (now the tracking info is missing) then it'll be next year before I get to it.