Monday, August 22, 2011

I hate to say this....

but, it's raining and I love it!  After a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad spring, we made it to summer by the middle of  July.  Everyone, was lamenting the cool weather and the excessive rain.  The gardens wouldn't grow, and you could feel the depression all over town.  When the dry, slightly warmer weather finally arrived, people left their homes in droves to go camping, hiking, to the beach, and to the garden centers.  (I'm relatively sure the local garden shops were afraid they would never do any business this year.)  We have had four weeks of some incredibly beautiful weather - perfect for anything you wanted to do outside, and the gardens have made up for their late start, sort of.  But, along with this beautiful weather has come no rain, and on Saturday the heat hit.  Now I can make up for no rain, and I did, by watering regularly.  However, I cannot do anything about the heat and it makes me very cranky, and Saturday was hot (ok, so it was like 82, but when you're not used to heat anymore and no place is airconditioned.....), and Saturday night was worse, and Sunday almost as bad.  By Sunday night "irritable" was a mild adjective.  Then Sunday night was hot....I won't go there.  I awoke this morning to the sound of water dripping from the gutters.  I should have gotten up, however, my swimming schedule had been rearranged (thank you very much J.J. I needed the sleep too.)so I rolled over and went back to sleep.  Several hours later we still have a very nice steady rain and it's back to about 68 degrees.  I am contemplating a nap.

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