Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Silk Sheer

I was able to do some sewing for a couple of little girls last month and with the payment I bought a length of rose colored sheer silk. I had planned to use the Peach Tree Mercantile pattern shown in the picture, but upon some guidance from the Sewing Academy realized it wouldn't be appropriate for the silk fabric. The Peach Tree dress was done in cotton and hence waist, shoulders, and sleeves are all gathered, a silk dress of the time would have been pleated and or darted. So, I have decided to base my dress off of a picture I have from a costume book. It is a diagram of an existing dress, done in silk with open sleeves and a pleated front bodice. I plan to use my existing fitted toile and alter that to the design from the book. I am preparing to start a pair of lace cotton knit undersleeves from Godey's 1855. These will be lovely under the open sleeves of the dress. I will share my progress with you as I begin work on the dress. First, I must finish my brother's frock coat.

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