Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Drawers

After reading several posts in the Sewing Academy about mid-nineteenth century underpinnings, I realized just how "off" mine are/were and determined to work to correct them. I determined to start with new drawers. Using the free pattern and instructions from Elizabeth Stewart Clark I began to draft my own. I took extensive measurements, and using pattern paper drew out the pattern.

They are "split" drawers, meaning they are two legs attached with a waistband. Each leg has three tucks with embroidery between each. I will add a fine tatted edging to the end of each leg as well.

Eventually I will finish another chemise (this makes three - they make great nightgowns), shorten one petticoat, and change the waistbands to add buttons and buttonholes. I am also considering making another corset with correct steel bones. In the meantime, I need to finish Ben's frock coat. Of course these are all done on my 1910 treadle. Sew much fun :)

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